How are you, Lincolnshire? We are helping people to find local resources to boost their mental health and wellbeing. 

An introduction to the H.A.Y. websites, including:

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If you have any queries, suggestions or feedback, please contact us at [email protected]

Lincolnshire Night Light Cafés

Night Light Cafés are safe spaces that offer an out-of-hours, non-clinical support service and are staffed by teams of trained volunteers who are available to listen.

Referrals can be made by agencies and the emergency services, or you can self-refer by calling us directly on 0300 011 1200 or sending a message via Facebook or Instagram. Please be aware that we support people who are at varying levels of mental health crisis. Some guests come to avoid escalating into a peak of crisis, whereas others may already be at that peak.

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About H.A.Y. Lincolnshire

How to get involved, the history of H.A.Y. & training opportunities

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