How Are You, Lincolnshire?

How Are You, Lincolnshire?

How Are You, Lincolnshire?

How Are You, Lincolnshire?

How Are You, Lincolnshire?

How Are You, Lincolnshire?

How Are You, Lincolnshire?

How are you, Lincolnshire? We are helping people to find local resources to boost their mental health and wellbeing.

Keeping Well

Introducing 'Keeping Well'—your guide for mental health and well-being support in Lincolnshire. Navigate through a wealth of information tailored to nurture your everyday mental health and well-being.

The guide offers practical tips and signposting to specialist services across Lincolnshire, as well as nationally.

Whether you seek proactive self-care strategies or valuable resources during your treatment journey, Keeping Well is a trusted companion.
Click this link to view the guide.

Lincolnshire Night Light Cafés

Night Light Cafés are safe spaces, for anyone over the age of 18 years, that offer an out-of-hours, non-clinical support service and are staffed by teams of trained volunteers who are available to listen.

Referrals can be made by agencies and the emergency services.  Alternatively, you can self-refer by calling us directly on 0300 011 1200 or to find your nearest Night Light Cafe please click here.

Please be aware that we support people who are at varying levels of mental health crisis. Some guests come to avoid escalating into a peak of crisis, whereas others may already be at that peak.

Wellbeing Hubs

Community Wellbeing Hub provides grassroots-level mental health support. Hubs are led by Community Connectors who provide free, confidential support and advice and signpost you to other services in the local area. Hubs are a great place to visit if you are experiencing mental health and wellbeing challenges, want to take up a new hobby or activity or reduce loneliness and isolation.

To find your local Wellbeing Hub click here.

Start for Life

Start for Life offers help and advice in Lincolnshire for everyone during pregnancy, when giving birth and during the first two years of a child's life.

Lincolnshire’s 48 children's centres are core to our Start for Life offer. The centres offer free stay-and-play drop-in sessions and universal programmes for all families from antenatal to age five. Further support is also available for children and young people 5 to 19 (25 SEND).

Watch the video below for a brief introduction to the H.A.Y. Lincolnshire website:

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