H.A.Y. Lincolnshire! How Are You? We have brought together everything in Lincolnshire to help you maintain your mental health and wellbeing. From activity groups, to courses, to support services – it’s all here to help you take care of your own wellbeing. Mental health isn’t something that is good or bad - it’s a continuum, a sliding scale, a constantly shifting state for each and every one of us. We all need to take care of our mental health. We don’t wait until we’re physically under the weather to do things we know are good for keeping us physically healthy, and the same should be true of our mental health. So, let’s put a spotlight on all those things going on in the community that are good for our mental wellbeing.

Photography by Richard Holmes
Hartsholme Park
(Credit: Richard Holmes)
Home of the Red Arrows
Steep Hill
(Credit: Visit Lincoln - Destination Lincolnshire)

Information for activity organisers

We share details of any activity, group or venue who provide a mental health and wellbeing boost to local people, wherever they live in Lincolnshire. To send us details of your activity, please complete this form.

H.A.Y. Lincolnshire: bringing together everything local that boosts mental health and wellbeing.

Wherever you live in Lincolnshire, you will have access to the mental health support that you need, when you need it

Lincolnshire was chosen as one of 12 national NHS-England community mental health pilot sites aiming to use innovative approaches to transform community mental health services to provide ‘joined up’ physical, mental health and social care support that is easy to access and meets individual needs close to where they live. This new approach acknowledges that mental health challenges can affect every aspect of an individual’s life, so the NHS, local authority, third sector and community organisations are all working together.

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