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Last Updated: 07/02/2024

We offer various workshops and sessions, all limited to small groups so that individuals don't feel overwhelmed. We offer the following: cake decorating, cooking class, dementia class, wellbeing evening, wellbeing workshops and a weekly wellbeing walk.

This is good for wellbeing because

  • All of our well-being courses and sessions are limited to small groups so that individuals don't feel too overwhelmed and anxious. The sessions are very supportive, and we aim to accommodate everyone's needs and work at a comfortable pace for all attending.
  • Individuals can attend in a calm, relaxed and friendly environment. Staff are supportive and understanding of individual needs, making people attending feel welcome.
  • People are able to return and book onto other activities and sessions; this may help them to continually get out of the house, and this can hopefully be very beneficial for an individual's well-being and being part of the community.

The sessions have varied considerably in content, and we have been encouraged to use our imagination and indulge in activities which have tested our fine-motor skills. It has been excellent and provided social and intellectual support. Meeting new people and developing new skills in a safe and friendly atmosphere have proved to be incredibly useful and enjoyable

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Abbey Access Training Arboretum Lodge
Monks Road
City of Lincoln

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