Building Resilience in Communities (BRIC) Kids' Patch Gardening Sessions

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Last Updated: 02/02/2024

Building Resilience in Communities (BRIC) supports vulnerable children and families across Lincolnshire to get back on their feet after dealing with issues such as illness, disability, domestic abuse and social isolation.

BRIC Outdoors is developing ‘Kids’ Patch’ which is a gardening project. Kids; Patch delivers weekly sessions connecting children and their families to food, nature and their community. Families learn about the environment, where food comes from and how important patience, commitment and care are in nurturing development and growth. One of the key aims of Kids’ Patch is to get families out of the house, talking and working with one another. Families also meet other local families facing similar challenges with friendships and support networks forming.

Although the sessions start off being facilitated by our Community Gardens Coordinator, the idea is that in time, the families themselves take ownership of the session and run them themselves. This increases independence and resilience and brings an increase in confidence as well as benefiting from being out of doors and growing healthy, pesticide free food. We have also seen that children who are enthused with a love of gardening and growing take this enthusiasm home into their households.

Gainsborough Kids’ Patch – 10 until 12 Mondays
Lincoln Kids’ Patch – 10 until 12 Wednesdays
Horncastle Kids’ Patch – 10 until 12 Thursdays

This is good for wellbeing because

  • Our Kids' Patch gardening activities encourage participation and therefore reduces isolation. Getting out of the house after an illness or a setback can be difficult so there is always a warm welcome waiting for our families.

  • We will help you to come away with practical tips and skills as to how to grow your own food in small spaces and on a small budget.

  • Being outside in nature has been proven to be good for you!

Yes, one of our gardening guardians who spent two hours pruning back an area of shrub from her wheelchair said:

It has been a long time since I last felt as if I have really achieved something.

How to contact

Where to go

Horncastle Community Centre
East Lindsey

Gainsborough Adventure Playground
Riseholme Road
West Lindsey
DN21 1NL

Lamb Gardens
City of Lincoln

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