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Last Updated: 15/07/2024

Our café provides free food, refreshments and a free laundry service. We run various wellbeing activities, including arts, crafts, music, cookery, exercise, and brain training activities and we encourage individuals to share their hobbies with others.

We are a hub for community connection to other services with a view to serve those we welcome.

This is good for wellbeing because

  • This service is good for wellbeing from many perspectives in that we seek to provide a safe space that gives individuals a sense of community, acceptance and belonging. It supports those who attend to find their voice and discover often buried aspects of themselves that can be gently nourished and with kindness lead to a place of growth on their path to a life of meaning and self-acceptance.

  • The activities we provide are good for wellbeing because they take into consideration the individuality of each person and their individual needs. Through the holistic model of viewing wellbeing from a mental, physical, emotional & spiritual health perspective we seek to provide activities that can address each aspect of our human experience.

  • The activities we provide are good for wellbeing because we also accept that wellbeing incorporates more broadly our human experience of daily living, such as the need for advice, signposting to other services, support with IT skills and practical help with application forms or advocacy and phone calls to necessary agencies.

The wellbeing space at Bridge Central has been a life changing experience for me it; is a place that has been made to be welcoming! The activities, staff, visitors, service users and everything else make it a warm, safe and wonderous place where people are free to just live and be human. You are not judged here and whatever day you are having they will accommodate to your needs with a smile.

Since starting here, I have seen this place develop and grow and it has been wonderful for my mental and physical health as I can give something back and regularly see wonderful people from all walks of life. I cannot thank the people who work here enough, and I hope more people come to learn of it and find the friendship and tranquillity I have here.

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Bridge Central
Portland Street
City of Lincoln

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