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Last Updated: 02/02/2024

Look After Yourself’ comprises three activities each week

– ½ hour each of physical activity (a short walk, an exercise video, Pilates);
- a relaxation activity (mindfulness/yoga)
- a social activity such as ice-breakers/team-building).

Further specialist training such as crafts for wellbeing, building resilience, relaxation and yoga courses will be available, these are all funded through our community learning budget (therefore adding more value to our project) but members will start and finish in the café with refreshment and chat, supported by the Project Worker.

We will also establish a weekly Community Gardening Group linked to the café to improve and ‘green’ its immediate physical surroundings. This will involve a constructive, healthy & fun activity in which members work together to enhance public space in the local community. Again, there will be time for chat/relaxation by ensuring that the café has outside seating available for the gardeners.

Possible developments include setting up seed/cuttings exchanges through a community stall. We will open the community café on a Wednesday evening, participants and members of the local community will be invited to come along, enjoy a light bite from produce that has been grown within the community garden/discuss recipes/play board games.

This is good for wellbeing because

  • Participants will gain social confidence, friendship which benefits physical and mental health.
  • We also hope that some project members will move onto other learning with CLIP, building further on their confidence and skills set. At every opportunity throughout this project, the project worker will be equipped to signpost/discuss options for participants struggling with their mental health, gentle encouragement to attend the activities and break down barriers to destigmatise mental health.
  • This project gives participants something to be excited for/proud of, helping build self-worth, realising capabilities and interests.
  • We will reach people who are considered a higher risk through
    the work we do with our local partners and communities and focus on prevention through the following ways; Be there to engage people at the earliest possible opportunity, we will not be confined by long waiting lists and challenging referral processes, being there when people need us most to respond quickly and compassionately.

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"Mablethorpe CLIP
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