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Last Updated: 06/02/2024

The group engages with the community for those that are not too IT savvy and need some assistance with using new devices, or advice on purchasing a device e.g. Laptop, smartphone.

This is good for wellbeing because

  • It teaches individuals that modern tech isn’t so scary and can be used to their advantage.
  • If family members live far away from them it could allow them to see each other via Facetime for example, which can help a person that might be feeling lonely to feel less isolated.
  • It enables people to do things from the comfort of their own home without having to worry about going out if they are a vulnerable individual. For example, they can order their shopping to be delivered, search cooking recipes, text, or play games.

I hadn’t seen mine son in over a year as he lives in Australia, Kyle showed me that you can video call from a tablet which allowed me to see my son. I now have my own tablet which I use regularly. (Jen)

How to contact

Where to go

The Holbeach Hub
Boston Road South
South Holland
PE12 7LR

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