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Last Updated: 15/02/2024

Using various yoga techniques to help you FIND YOUR THRIVE.

I offer several yoga classes:

Heated Yoga
Hormone Yoga
Vinyasa Yoga
Yin Yoga
Yoga Nidra

All are beginner friendly and further details are available on the below link:

Yoga Classes - Inner Lifetime - Waddington

This is good for wellbeing because

  • Sense of community - gives students a sense of belonging and that they are not alone - Loneliness is something that can be crippling- coming along to a class of similar likeminded people that wish to prioritise wellbeing can really boost moral and mood. The sense of community is offered with each class, but particularly for the menopause yoga where we have the woman's circle and each student has the option to engage in conversations and share experiences - this helps release the happy hormone oxytocin.
  • Physical wellbeing - building strength, releasing tension, feeling empowered - We each hold tension in some way or another, and we each should prioritise our physical bodies. Yoga in all of its forms helps release tension and stress, helping the body release that which no longer serves it. It helps build skeletal muscle strength which in turn protects us from injury and mitigates aches and pains. Prioritising your physical health and experiencing growth and improvements throughout classes is extremely empowering which in turn further helps with physical image, self love and self esteem.
  • Mental wellbeing - Helps access parasympathetic nervous system, finding a space where mental and emotional fluctuations become still, brings clarity. Physical and mental health and intrinsically linked so anything you do to help your physical health can help with mental, and vice versa. Using journaling, meditations and affirmations throughout the classes help us to reframe perceptions and help us do the necessary inner work. Understanding yourself falls into the yoga niyama 'Svadhyaya' which is all around self study - when we understand ourselves we can explore our triggers, begin to accept and love our true self which then leads onto more positive choices in life.

"What have been for you the most enjoyable and most beneficial aspects of the Menopause Yoga class?

The fact that I was given a warm welcome by Jade and the group is a friendly, intimate group without being over crowded. I love that I feel part of a like minded community and anything discussed in group stays confidential between us. It's nice to share thoughts, feelings and experiences within the group and with Jade's expertise, practising our yoga makes wonderful experience.

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