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Last Updated: 06/02/2024

Learning about and participating in gardening, growing of produce, and caring for animals; firstly under close guidance and then in an increasingly more independent way.

The Oasis is a community space which is open to everyone to enjoy.  Volunteering opportunities within our beautiful therapeutic gardens are available to the community as well as our YMCA residents.

This is good for wellbeing because

  • To enable beneficiaries to develop skills, works as a team, learn something new, engage in physical activity, and improve their mental health and wellbeing.
  • To support beneficiaries to improve their mental health, communicate their feelings, develop tools and coping strategies, and learn to more effectively self-care, self-manage and look out for their peers.
  • To ensure participant voice is constantly present, to foster respectful relationships between staff and beneficiaries, and to help participants to improve their communication skills.

How to contact

Where to go

The Oasis
Cherry Fields
Cherry Willingham
West Lindsey

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