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Last Updated: 15/07/2024

Like so many communities, Martin has been experiencing hardship through the increased cost of living and the recent increases in electricity, gas and oil prices.

Martin Village Hall therefore set up a warm hub which offered a warm space, warm food and warm welcome. The hub attracts approximately 25 to 35 people each week and is steadily growing.

This is good for wellbeing because

  • As well as the benefit of offering a warm space and warm food we are finding that one of it’s main benefits is the part it plays in combatting isolation and loneliness. Whilst we are finding that elderly who have lost their partners often use the hub, there are also single parent mothers as well as parents whose partner may be working away for long periods such as with the RAF.
  • Having the ability to meet other people when they are on their own is vital. The hub allows families to discuss their challenges.
  • The warm hub was only intended to run until the end of March and funds were applied for on this basis. However, having seen and experienced the benefits of the warm hub, MVH would like to open its doors on a regular basis throughout the year and to expand it by offering a lunch club and offering activities such as crafting, chair exercises, baking sessions and talks.

Martin Village Hall feels that whilst the warm hub has been well supported to date, that it still attracts some stigma which is preventing others from coming. A few whom we have spoken to have felt that “others deserved it more than they did” and therefore have not come along. Others have noted the warm hub initiative which has been adopted across the country and have likened it to a soup kitchen.

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