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Last Updated: 06/02/2024

An 18-week holistic mental health and wellbeing programme offering a safe space to learn new tools for your mental health toolkit. A face-to-face course with the addition of online learning to expand your knowledge on all topics covered such as mind-set, nutrition, and movement.

Other topics we cover include sleep, communication, budgeting, stress and mindfulness. The programme will help you to develop your own mental health plan and start creating some new goals. We are here to help and guide you all the way towards moving forward. Throughout the programme we have special guests who will come and either do a talk or guide you through an activity such as tai chi or boxing, or something creative. Are you ready to make that change?

The course starts on 14th March 2023, however new starters are welcome to join any time up to the fourth week.

This is good for wellbeing because

  • You can learn about different ways to add to your mental health toolkit.
  • You can try some new and different activities to see what you enjoy and where you can then go and take part in.
  • You can spend time with some lovely people looking to make connections.

Thank you for the wonderful programme you and your team put on. I really enjoyed it and have been amazed how it has given me so much motivation to start looking after myself better. Having had a life of challenges which got the better of me, I have struggled with emotional instability and this had hugely impacted on my life. I have never been able to calm my emotions down to ever read a book or to relax and enjoy what I have. I changed my eating habits and introduced what I learnt from the programme, and also used some of the relaxing techniques. I am now enjoying reading my first book. I am so proud of myself I just wanted to share this with you and say how thankful I am and how happy I am that I came to the programme.

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Sleaford Town Hall Quayside House
Navigation Yard
North Kesteven
NG34 7TW

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