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Last Updated: 06/02/2024

We promote fishing and the benefits it has on mental health in adults and children. We deliver social fishing days, taster/experience days and fun junior fishing days around Lincolnshire.

Since our launch in September 2021, we have had a huge response to On Track Fishing, a project based in East Lindsey. We were finalists for the BBC Make A Difference Awards 2022.

We are growing a great fishing community by promoting health and wellbeing, helping those who may feel vulnerable in new environments, and help by teaching and educating, not only fish care but environmental and mental wellbeing within lakes, rivers, and open spaces.

We also donate fishing equipment to people who would benefit from it the most.

There is a cost involved, please contact us for more details.

This is good for wellbeing because

  • As a group we always look towards how we can encourage people to enjoy outdoor spaces and look at the best ways to enjoy them. We feel that if we bring anglers and non-anglers together in a project that combines people keen on the beauty of outdoor spaces and the fun of angling whilst surrounded by nature we can bring a whole new kind of angling community together that has a common goal which is to always enjoy outdoor spaces but always look at ways we can all improve them for others to enjoy.
  • We have set up a angling youth team set up of a group of 10-16 year olds. These are all mental health sufferers and benefit to having a base they can come to train and learn new skills in angling and also create social bonds. Having a place they can come to and see as their “home ground” is so important to them as it builds confidence within a comfortable setting. The team will work not just on their angling but work on the land landscaping and learning about the nature around them.

A 70-year-old gentleman came to us today. He was very apprehensive and very withdrawn from the main group. I went over to him and said, 'Hi, I am the founder of On Track Fishing, it’s a pleasure to meet you.' He seemed very nervous but engaged in a short conversation, and said he hadn’t fished for a while but wanted to get back into it. Some of my team came over and said hi and asked if he would like a hand setting up, he gratefully said yes. I then left my team to do what they do best, working with an individual, one on one and as soon as one team member moved on to someone else another took their place and carried on engagement.
Later I went back to speak to him again. What a difference his confidence had grown, and he was laughing and joking about not catching any fish. He started to open up to me about his mental health and how he had an accident 16 years ago leaving him with brain damage and that he had only started to feel his new normal for a few months. He said he suffered with anger issues and anxiety and depression. I asked how he found his day with us to which he said amazing. He had been desperate to go fishing like he used to before his accident but didn’t have anyone to go with. He had not even left the car park when he called my mobile with a simple question. When can we go fishing again? Since that day I've personally taken him out fishing three times and helped him to create social bonds with other anglers and now have updates of his days fishing at least twice a week with his new friends. For us that is the best outcome. To see people, grow in confidence regain focus and re-ignite a passion once seen as unreachable to them due to mental health.

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On Track Sanctuary Pond
The Paddocks
Claxy Bank
East Lindsey
PE22 8PN

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