Restore Pantry Volunteering

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Last Updated: 06/02/2024

Restore Pantry is a community pantry providing affordable food for people in Boston. We offer supported volunteer placements for people who might find it difficult to go to work or to volunteer independently.

Volunteers sort deliveries and donations of food, stock the shelves in the shop. Volunteers can also serve customers, taking their membership fee and helping them understand how the pantry operates. Volunteers are always supported to do the different activities.

This is good for wellbeing because

  • It provides a safe space to go to, to volunteer and to gain work experience at your own pace.
  • You are doing something meaningful that benefits other people by helping them to get food that they can afford.
  • You can build friendships with other volunteers and staff.

How to contact

Where to go

Restore Church Boston
Liquorpond Street
PE21 0AN

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