Tiny Steps Petting Farm (Animal Therapy)

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Last Updated: 16/02/2024

We offer an all-inclusive experience whether young, old, or disabled. We are wheelchair accessible and all activities can be offered and interacted with our animals and volunteers are on hand if help is required.

Our farm is run by volunteers and we offer D Of E and work experience.

We have families as well as individuals accessing our therapeutic farm and are establishing a working relationship with Don’t Lose Hope to provide extended mental wellbeing for the community.

This is good for wellbeing because

  • Helps people to connect with our animals with close contact petting and feeding animals
  • Being around animals help everyone learn about their needs and care and what they need
    to be happy in their environment
  • Having the interaction with our animals and the kindness they give we feel it helps everyone the understanding of their emotions to want to give this kindness back to the animals and environment

How to contact

Where to go

Tiny Steps Petting Farm
Parkwood Road
South Kesteven
PE10 0EL

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