Welton Tuesday Wellbeing Group

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Last Updated: 15/07/2024

Our membership, although covering an old age group is open to anyone in the Welton area over 18. It is a social group which meets every Tuesday for a chat and drink, we do various activities and once a fortnight we have supervised chair exercises for an hour.

This is good for wellbeing because

  • It is a welcoming group which encourages social interaction.
  • The group chair exercise help to maintain physical health and mobility in a calm and non judgmental atmosphere.
  • The other activities will encourage the use of cognitive senses, but with no pressure, if you don't want to take part that's okay

From one of our visitors they left saying the following:

This is a nice friendly group and I've really felt welcome

How to contact

Where to go

Village Hall
West Lindsey
Lincolnshire LN2 3LU

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