Bourne Hypnobirthing

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Last Updated: 15/07/2024

We run hypnobirthing and antenatal classes for anyone expecting a baby, in and around Bourne, Stamford and Deeping. Hypnobirthing give parents the information, tools, and confidence to have a calm and in-control birth.

Classes are available in person 1-2-1 or in groups, or online.

This is good for wellbeing because

  • Hypnobirthing is proven to improve the wellbeing of parents and their babies, and to reduce the likelihood of birth trauma.
  • Hypnobirthing boosts confidence and intuition which are both vital for good mental health.
  • Self hypnosis is a tool learned in hypnobirthing that can then be used after pregnancy for continued good mental health.

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South Kesteven

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