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Last Updated: 06/02/2024

Boxes of Hope was set up in the midst of the Ukraine conflict last February and has progressed to become a support network for Ukrainians in the county of Lincolnshire. We offer practical help of essential items and administration advice on arrival.

We offer furniture and household items for families and individuals when moving from hosts. Boxes of Hope are able to communicate with the Ukraine community offering communication opportunities to engage with the local Ukraine community. We send aid to Ukraine and becoming involved with this process helps the individual feel they are assisting their country.

We have a "crafting in the community" project engaging the local community and Ukrainians to make and learn skills from each other, encouraging the use of English.

This is good for wellbeing because

  • Engaging with other Ukrainians enables a communication route that helps to eliminate isolation and loneliness. Understanding from other Ukrainians the process on arriving into the area offers reassurance.
  • Offering needed items that have had to be left behind offers feelings that they are cared about and someone understands their needs.
  • By joining in with others at the sewing sessions this encourages communities to mix and pass on their traditions and skills.

Boxes of Hope have changed our lives in the UK because they have understood our urgent needs and been able to provide care and understanding. Meeting other Ukrainians in the same position made us feel not alone. Mandy and her team have helped our country and we will be forever grateful.

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14 & 23 High Street
South Holland
PE12 7DY

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