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Last Updated: 29/01/2024

The Women’s Health Project will provide two streams of specialist strength training and mental health support.

Helping women who have a mental health condition and are also:
• Menopausal, including peri- and post-menopause
• Postnatal, mum and baby session
- 24 women per year (12 menopause and 12 postnatal) will take part in small group strength training activities.

We will:
• Begin with a 3-week co-production phase, centring mental wellbeing at the heart of our work
• Develop an individualised training programme for each participant, including mental wellbeing techniques such as mindfulness
• Empower resilience and self-sufficiency through confidence building and physical activity education
• Facilitate social connections and peer support

This is good for wellbeing because

  • Co-producing an accessible and innovative training programme
  • - Increasing their confidence and resilience
  • - Creating a sense of agency when looking after their own health
  • - Improving motivation and attendance on the project
  • - Identifying gaps in knowledge and educational opportunities
  • Developed new social connections and provided peer support
  • - Improving their mental health and reducing loneliness / social isolation
  • - Creating opportunities for peer-led community support, outside of the project itself
  • Taken part in a programme of specialist strength training
  • - Improving their mental health and cardiovascular / physical health

How to contact

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Where to go

Darkside Rising CIC Unit 9
Newporte Business Park
Bishops Road
City of Lincoln

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