East Midlands Kidney Cancer Support Group

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Last Updated: 06/02/2024

Providing information and support to kidney cancer patients and their families at all stages in their patient journeys across the East Midlands via online and face-to-face meetings, facilitated by a patient and supported by Kidney Cancer UK and Macmillan.

Online meetings are via Zoom. Face-to-face meetings will vary across the East Midlands, as plans are to hold meetings where participants need them to be.

You can find more information about cancer services and support in Lincolnshire on the Connect to Support website here.

If contacting by email ([email protected]) please quote "East Midlands Kidney Cancer Support Group".

This is good for wellbeing because

  • The support group gives patients and their families the opportunity to meet and share experiences. Being a less common cancer, it is rare for patients to know another patient within their immediate circle. Knowing others who are going/have gone through similar experiences helps, particularly new patients and their families, feel less alone.
  • Patients and their families will have the opportunity to gain more knowledge about kidney cancer. Information about kidney cancer has been less available than for more common cancers so being able to access relevant information more easily will help the patient community understand their experiences and make informed decisions about their care.
  • The group gives patients and their families the opportunity to talk to experienced health professionals and have direct access to additional services run by Kidney Cancer UK. Having local health professionals actively supporting the group means that the patient community can be informed of other local services that can support their wellbeing as well as having direct information about support for their use of medical services.

It’s good to have an insight into treatments being received by patients locally, it is one of the only places you can meet other kidney cancer patients.

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