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Last Updated: 01/02/2024

We are using the power of nostalgia and food to support people with Dementia! Join us for some nostalgic cookery sessions.

Prior to the session we will explore the nostalgic recipes to create, relevant to the group by engaging with the location we are delivering in or with referrers (Age UK etc.)

After we set up we will greet our beneficiaries, discuss the project, the intended outcomes and agenda (what we will discuss throughout the session)

We will start cooking the meal, asking questions and starting to get to know the participants as we go through.

We will delve further into individual stories, memories and experiences as the smells and tastes are developing.

After the main part of the session we will ask people about the services they use and how they manage their mental health by talking about things that make them happy, what they would like to do and what is missing/what could be improved (we will focus on stories and we understand that some people may not open up about mental health so we will keep it ‘low key’ and will see any information given to us as great feedback)

We will all get to taste the meal and explore the conversations and memories that come out naturally.

If there are any participants who want to share more of their stories we will allow time at the end of the session to interview people alone.

This is good for wellbeing because

  • To create a friendly space for people to build friendships. To help people to share their stories, memories, views, hopes and ambitions.
  • To record conversations in a way that helps people feel that they are leaving a legacy of their memories. To provide a fun, interactive space and to support the feelings that our participants are valued and appreciated.
  • To obtain the material that we can share, publish and promote to help us to develop an evidence base for further sustainable work beyond this project. To help us to understand the positive outcomes that nostalgia projects can have on the older population.

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(Contact for venue information) City of Lincoln

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