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Last Updated: 15/07/2024

Within the 45mins, clients are supported to catch their horse from the field, groom them, learn to put on a saddle and bridle, ride the horse, and then care for the horse post-exercise.

Riding instruction will draw somewhat from traditional models of teaching, but also incorporate more holistic equine therapy approaches. This can include a focus on breathing, intention, body language and energy levels (both horse and rider) to develop more intuitive horse-rider connection. It may also involve playing games and other enjoyable activities whilst on the horse.

This is good for wellbeing because

  • Build confidence and independence.Mindful skill-building.Build new relationships (reducing loneliness)Increase physical activity.

    Connect mind and body to increase wellbeing.

  • Provide a safe and therapeutic space to talk about any struggles. Increase time spent outdoors in nature.Learn new skills and build confidence around horses.Think about new ways to cope with difficult thoughts and emotions.
  • Pay attention to the present moment through mindfulness-based activity.Support clients to move towards the life they want to live.

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Hope Meadows Equestrian
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