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Last Updated: 06/02/2024

Our Individual Placement and Support (IPS) Employment Service offers encouragement and practical support to help you find suitable paid work, apply for a job and stay employed.

Once you have a job, we can support both you and your employer to tackle any problems, if that is what you want.

We are here to help anyone receiving secondary mental health services, who would like to get a job and be in paid work.

Contact numbers:

Monday – Tuesday: 9am-5pm  - 07754556206

Wednesday - Friday: 9am-5pm - 07581007601

This is good for wellbeing because

  • There is lots of evidence to show that meaningful employment has a positive impact on mental health. The IPS Team can support you to find a job that is right for you.
  • Suitable work is good for wellbeing – Getting back into employment can be a vital part of a recovery journey. People experiencing severe mental illness who find paid work show reduced symptoms, gain financial independence, and have improved quality of life.
  • IPS works – Compared with traditional support, IPS has been proven in numerous studies to help more people with severe mental illness back into work more quickly. On average, people receiving IPS keep their jobs longer, earn more, and spend less time in hospital. That’s why NICE recommends mental health services to provide IPS to their users.
  • IPS helps you get a job that meets your needs – IPS employment specialists tailor their support to each individual so that clients have the best chance of achieving their job aspirations. Advisers have low caseloads, so they have time to offer clients intensive support.
  • What the ‘right’ work gives you:
    - It can help you develop new social networks and contacts
    - It can help you to build an identity for yourself
    - Boosts your self-esteem
    - Gives you a structure to your day, and purpose
    - Helps you to develop new skills
    - Helps you to earn money for yourself
    - Can help you improve both your physical and mental activity

I was unemployed due to mental illness for around seven years, and saw holding down a paid job as unrealistic. Following some volunteer work I accessed the IPS Service, which has played a huge part in where I am today. My IPS worker supported securing a part-time job under permitted work hours, which is the right "first step" for now; and I really value the in-work follow-on support where we can talk about any problems, worries or questions. It is the most person-centred service I've experienced for employment - always about our goals rather than system goals. I doubt that I would've successfully secured employment without IPS - but I especially doubt that I would've held down the role because ill mental health always won in the past. This service cares about your wellbeing, and supports you in the things that matter to you. I cannot express my gratitude enough.

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