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Last Updated: 29/01/2024

I offer holistic therapy through Reiki energy healing and crystal healing therapy that can help to alleviate many conditions, physically, emotionally and mentally and lead to an improvement in general well-being.

Reiki and crystal therapy is unique to each person and you can expect a full consultation, treatment and post consultation. Both use energy healing as a way of releasing, clearing, charging and re-aligning your bodies energy centres or chakras. When these are blocked or unbalanced by emotions, stress, anxiety, pain, grief etc then our body holds onto that stuck energy and it can manifest in many ways, making us feel ill, unbalanced and not our best selves.
Reiki has no known contraindications so is suitable for everyone including under 18’s, those on medication and receiving cancer treatment too. Reiki will help clear, charge and balance your energy field of your body. Aligning it and releasing negative energies.

Crystal healing uses the energy of crystals and their properties to help do the same thing. They connect with us, they help us bring ourselves in alignment, release negative energy and that which does not serve out highest good. When we are fully open and balanced, the body can start to release and heal that which causes dis-ease within us.
These therapies are suitable for most however some serious mental health issues will need careful management for this process.

This is good for wellbeing because

  • It will help release blocked & stuck energy within the body.
  • It works for physical, mental and emotional problems.
  • It promotes a holistic way of looking at the issues we have through a combined approach of mind, body and emotional points of view.

Each session has made me feel inspired and motivated. I no longer feel like a heavy weight is pushing down on my shoulders. "

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