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Last Updated: 01/02/2024

STEPs is a friendly and accessible developmentplus coaching/mentoring project to support participants that want to change things up and reconnect with some new opportunities in the local community.

Whether a person is in the midst of a stressful and challenging time in their lives that needs urgent attention; or looking to make a gradual change over time, we can support a person to work out what matters to them and take steps to achieve the change they are seeking. We meet adult participants on a 1:1 basis outside their homes, and can tailor the sessions to suit.

In addition, we offer an optional cycling component within the project which can help interested participants to get a bike back on the road with a bit of TLC, if needed, and join a friendly group that goes out locally into green spaces via the cycle network once a fortnight on a Tuesday. We have a lot of fun on our bikes at a very leisurely pace and also hold local community based info/skill sharing events to help people build up their confidence, in the hope that they will gradually integrate their cycling into their daily life.

The Project is fully funded and free to participants until March 2026

This is good for wellbeing because

  • Feeling truly heard and having empowering conversations about a participant's unique potential can be very rewarding.
  • Being supported to explore new opportunities can really strengthen a participant's mindset.
  • We know that movement, socialising, and access to green spaces can be really helpful for participants.

The help from Ian moving between a rented room in a private shared accommodation into a council flat where I am now managing my own independent living has been invaluable. Without his support navigating through this, it would have been even more overwhelming and scary if I had done this on my own.

We help participants to explore new opportunities, if they'd like support to work through a specific challenge, or to try new things, or build new friendships in and around Lincoln. We also run optional and informal bike rides and cycling-related community events as we know that our participants have really enjoyed the chance to fix their bikes, share coffee and cake and build their confidence whilst getting into green spaces with others, and benefitting from some gentle exercise and a good laugh together.

How to contact

Where to go

Queens Park Community Hub
South Park
City of Lincoln

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