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Last Updated: 15/03/2024

A place for people to come together to meet friends, make new ones and generally enjoy the company of others. Offering free refreshments, biscuits and a light lunch.

A safe, welcoming space for all every Wednesday from 10am to 2pm at Old Leake Community Centre.

Crafts, knitting, board games, jigsaws, cards, magazines, books and more available to enjoy or take away. A programme of events with some form of entertainment on weekly including quizzes, bingo, talks, singers and more.

We also have the addition of The Bread and Butter Thing. A national food charity that runs out of the hub. Offering surplus food that would have otherwise gone to landfill, to members at a discounted price. Members who sign up to the service receive three bags of food; one fruit and veg, one ambient and one chilled. All for £8.50.

This is good for wellbeing because

  • The Community Hub is good for health and wellbeing because it reduces loneliness and isolation by bringing people together in a safe and welcoming environment.We also have external services visit the hub offering their support and guidance which allows us to signpost individuals to where they will find the information or help they require.
  • The social aspect can help improve mental health, as can the entertainment we provide. Whether that be the programme of events or just simply playing a game with friends. Being in a welcoming, friendly environment can make a difference to people and how they are feeling.
  • The hub is free to attend and the refreshments are free so individuals can enjoy what we have to offer with no financial stress. Enjoy refreshments and lunch with no cost to them.Being the heart of the community we feel we are bringing individuals together, strengthening relationships. Not just within the village of Old Leake, but also the surrounding area.

Being elderly and now living alone, I often don't see anyone from one day to the next. Coming to the community hub has really helped me to feel less alone. I look forward to Wednesdays now and as a result of coming every week I have made lots of new friends, not just those people who like me come to the hub but also the volunteers who run the hub. It really is a special place. I always tell everyone about it and encourage them to come along to experience it for themselves.

How to contact

Where to go

Old Leake Community Centre
Furlongs Lane
Old Leake
PE22 9NX

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