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Last Updated: 07/02/2024

Established in 2021, our organisation emerged in response to the unique needs of Spalding's community of emigrants from Central and Eastern Europe.

Initially a Polish organisation, we have evolved into a diverse community group, welcoming refugees from Ukraine and native Spalding residents. Our reputation as organisers of inclusive events, supporters of charitable causes, and friendly neighboors has grown within the community.

Our overarching goals:

Community Support and Integration: Bridging cultural gaps and fostering a sense of belonging among community members.
Mental Health and Well-being: Providing therapeutic projects, family meetings, and group therapies to address mental health challenges.
Educational Initiatives: Offering language lessons, financial skills workshops, and support in navigating benefits to empower individuals.
Holistic Approach to Health: Promoting overall well-being through activities like Nordic walking, meditation, and yoga sessions.
Financial and Organisational Support: Securing financial backing from various sources and collaborating with local charities to enhance community services.
Cultural and Social Integration: Organising events that encourage cultural exchange.
Advocacy and Networking: Representing community needs at local, collaborating with churches and diverse organisations.
Financially supported by entities like the National Community Foundation and Polish organisations, we combine health and pleasure in our activities. From Nordic walking to meditation, English lessons, and translation assistance, our initiatives aim to uplift individuals and families. Collaborating closely with charities, churches, and local organisations, we have successfully reached and assisted those in need, particularly the national minorities. Our holistic approach ensures a comprehensive support system, reflecting our commitment to building a resilient and integrated community.

Our activities
every Wednesday: 10.00 - meetings for mothers with children - games, fun, integration, fine motor skills, development, sensory classes
every Wednesday: 17.00 meetings for young people - emotional support, discussing and solving current problems, help with homework
every Friday - 6:00 p.m. support group meetings combined with development workshops - group therapy sessions, psychoeducation
Twice a month - group meetings for people from Ukraine - a support group for people with trauma and struggling with emotional difficulties
Twice a month - mental health support meetings through physical activity - Nordic Walking
Twice a month - learning to work with emotions, de-stressing and relaxation - meditation
Twice a month - well-being meetings - family events
SUNDAYS- English for foreigners
In December, we are also finishing a series of workshops for volunteers from the Mental Health First Aid series

This is good for wellbeing because

  • It reduces the feeling of social isolation and increases integration
  • Increases self-confidence and understanding of yourself as a person.
  • Better understanding of the surrounding world and cultural differences.
  • Social integration
  • Better relationships in the family

Great project Genesis run by Justyna. Lovely and welcoming with people of different languages and backgrounds.  I really enjoyed the group project, meeting new people and making friends.  I felt very comfortable there and able to talk about lots of different topics in a non judgemental environment.  I hope there will be something like this again as the meetings were a very important part of my week.- Louise

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1 Abbey Path
South Holland
PE11 1AY


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